WRE Grand Canyon Map Towel
  • Full View and Dimensions
    Full View and Dimensions
  • Close Up of Map
    Close Up of Map
  • Comes in 3 Colors
    Comes in 3 Colors
  • Packed Neatly in Pouch
    Packed Neatly in Pouch
  • New Color! Mocha
    New Color! Mocha

What a great combination - a high performance, highly absorbant, quick-drying towel complete with a map highlighting the features of your Grand Canyon white water trip!  

It's a highly functional souvenir, forever reminding you of your trip of a lifetime, that you can use again and again. It has these Special Features:

  • The Chocolate Cliffs and Sandstone colors are reflective of the rock color of the Colorado Plateau itself; the Sky color... the color of the Rocky Mountain Sky
  • This high-performance microfiber towel absorbs five times its weight in water
  • Dries way faster than standard towels
  • It’s lightweight and folds down to fit in small spaces
  • Toss one in your gear bag, backpack, or duffel
  • You’ll never have a too-wet towel again!
  • Sublimation printed with a Grand Canyon River Map - the ink never washes or fades away + you'll never feel the ink - it's actually part of the fabric of the towel itself!
  • Towel measures 30 x 50"
  • Grand Canyon Map measures 18 x 18" and is centered horizontally in the middle of the towel


PRICE:  $29.00 

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