Red White & Bright Light Headlamp

Made by Princeton Tec, the Red White & Bright Light Headlamp packs high power spot, dimmable flood beams and red flood beams into an impact resistant, waterproof package. A powerful high-tech light for all your outdoor adventures. 

It has these Special Features:

  • The single MaxBright LED bulb casts a super bright 420 lumen beam out to 259 feet (79 m)
  • Two white UltraBright LEDs illuminate a wide area up to 78 feet (24 m)
  • Two red UltraBright LEDs preserve your night-adjusted vision and offer plenty of light for close work
  • All three bulb sets are operated from a single switch for easy light selection. And yes, the red light comes on first
  • All three lighting modes are dimmable for your precise lighting needs
  • Waterproof down to 3.3 feet (1 meter), it's a perfect headlamp for kayaking, rafting, SUP, canoeing and other water sport activities
  • Powered by three AAA alkaline batteries included with your purchase
  • There's a low battery indicator light to give you a heads up when it's time to change batteries
  • When not in use you can lockit so it doesn't turn on accidentally and drain your batteries
  • Headlamp tilts to put the light just where you need it
  • Adjustable elastic headband is soft and comfortable for all-night wear.

The Specs:

  •  Lumens:  420
  • Type of Bulb:  1 MaxBright LED, 2 white UltraBright LEDs, 2 red UltraBright LEDs
  • Burn Time on High:  Maxbright - 4 hours, Ultrabrights - 90 hours
  • Burn Time on Red Bulb:  135 hours
  • Type of Battery:  3 - AAA alkaline
  • Weight (with batteries):  3.2 oz (92 g)
  • Batteries Included:    Yes
  • Lifetime Warranty

PRICE:  $49.95