Trek & Travel Pocket Soap

Trek & Travel Pocket Soap - Each matchbox size packet contains 50 “leaves” of pure dry soap. There’s no risk of leakage in your purse, pocket, or pack and easy-to-ration leaves means you’ll have plenty of soap to last your entire trip.

  • The packet of dry leaves of soap should be kept out of contact with water to prevent all the leaves from dissolving together.
  • To use, open the package, remove one or two leaves, and re-seal that package with dry fingers before you wash.
  • Dissolve the leaf in water, then rub vigorously between the palms of both hands to generate lots of lather
  • Biodegrable and environmentally friendly phosphate free
  • Light Green Tea fragrance

IMPORTANT:  Use of this product is not foolproof and comes with no guarantee that users are 100% protected from contracting Covid 19 (or other infections).  There are many variables which can impact its effectiveness – diligence and consistent use of proper hand hygiene protocols, touching your face, and more.  Having said that, this item is among the most effective available on the civilian market and we offer them to you.


PRICE:  $5.50